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AUDC is tasked with incentivizing the development of mixed-income communities

The Atlanta Urban Development Corporation is a specialized non-profit entity capable of leading the redevelopment of public land into marketable, mixed income housing that is attractive and attainable to tenants of all income levels. The AUDC is tasked with incentivizing the development of mixed-income communities that include affordable housing units and utilizing a unique toolkit of financing mechanisms to accelerate project developments. The AUDC will actively partner with mission-driven developers and stakeholders to create an inclusive neighborhood where residents can thrive.

Why Do We Exist?
In pursuit of building and preserving 20,000 units of affordable housing by 2030, the City of Atlanta has enhanced these efforts in collaboration with the Atlanta Housing Authority to establish the Atlanta Urban Development Corporation (AUDC). Working from a close partnership between Atlanta Housing, Invest Atlanta, the City, and other public partners, the AUDC will increase the collective capacity of public land development and complement the housing development efforts of those agencies participating in the Housing Strike Force. AUDC projects will integrate with the Atlanta community development ecosystem to serve as catalysts for comprehensive neighborhood investment. Key aspects of the AUDC were inspired by local, national, and international best practices in development and social housing, which combines available local resources – land and subsidy – and public sector capacity to execute successfully. The AUDC will work with community residents, leaders, and organizations to ensure that surrounding communities will benefit from AUDC investments.

Why Do We Exist?

Mission Statement

Strategic Partnerships
The AUDC will strategically initiate public private partnerships, ensuring control and sustainability of affordability in the face of external variables.  By advancing the creation of mixed income developments, this innovative approach allows market-rate units to subsidize affordable units at the property, aligning with our commitment to affordability that adapts to the community's needs.
Our Approach
The AUDC’s approach is to innovate, respond, and adapt to affordable housing in a way that is integrated and coordinated with other entities focused on the success of individuals, families, and communities. Our goal is to create and obtain permanent control mechanisms to ensure long-term affordability without depending on LITHC funding, realizing the value of public land as a major source of equity.
Strategic Methods
We will achieve our objectives by utilizing public finance tools, leveraging public land ownership, and securing property tax exemptions, which enhances the appeal of AUDC deals to developers while minimizing transactional risks. Decreasing the operating costs allows properties to reach required debt service coverage with deeply affordable rents.
Atlanta Urban Development

Board of Directors

Ex-Officio Members
Courtney English
Eloisa Klementich
Terri Lee
Jason Winston
Board Chairs
Alan Ferguson, Board Chair
Ashani O’Mard, Vice Chair
Board Members
‍Joel Alvarado
Rosalind Elliott
Sarah Kirsch
Richard Rose
Larry Stewart
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